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Start-Up Kit

The SBTDC Small Business Start-up Kit covers: The Business Beginning, Getting Started Small Business Resource Manual, and the Business Self-Assessment Checklist.

The Central Region SBTDC Business Start-up Kit was developed with recognition that business start-up information in the State of Maryland is hard to come by in a concise and more complete package. The MD-SBTDC/Central Region compiled this packet to help our SBTDC clients and counselors in the business start-up process, making it more linear and efficient when researching for both Maryland’s requirement in the business start-up registration process and for the best resources for business planning. The packet's information or resources does not replace the need for a new business owner or entrepreneur to consult a professional such as the Maryland Lawyer Referral Service or an accountant when making decisions for their business type and activity.

The Business Beginning Section includes:
� Maryland recognized business entities
� Maryland's registration process instructions and applications
� Types of certification programs
� Business tips
� How to research the Internet
� Relevant government contact information

The Getting Started Self-Analysis Checklist includes:
� Self-analysis
� Finding your niche
� Business idea feasibility
� Market analysis worksheet
� Planning your business checklist
� Finance information and worksheet
� Supplementary Information

The Getting Started Section includes:
� Writing your business plan
� Sample business plan
� Resource guide for planners

There are three ways in which you can obtain a copy of our Small Business Start-Up Kit:

Attend a Training Conference:
Sign up and attend one of our Smart Start Your Business Workshop and receive your Small Business Start-Up Kit FREE!

Visit the Central Region SBTDC office location to obtain your copy of the Small Business Start-Up Kit. We are located at the University of Maryland Baltimore at 620 W. Lexington Street - Baltimore, MD 21201. Please call to make an appointment to pick up your kit prior to visiting us.  We can be reached at 410-706-5466.

A check for $25 for materials and shipping costs made out to "University of Maryland Baltimore" should be enclosed with your request for a Start Up kit. Please send check or money order to:

Maryland Small Business & Technology Development Center-Central Region
University of Maryland Baltimore
620 W. Lexington Street
Baltimore, MD 21201


**Your telephone number and return address should be included on the check.