Central Region: Local Resources



Our Small Business Start-Up Kit contains reference guides, how-to checklists and resource booklets with valuable information essential to starting a new business. Order yours today! Click to read more.


Developing a solid Business Plan is your roadmap to success. Any company seeking to maximize their sustainability and growth should take the time to write one. This article outlines the steps needed to write and develop a winning business plan by providing a sample template to follow. Click to read more.


One of the first executive decisions you'll make is deciding what organizational structure is best for your business. Do you know which type of Business Entity is right for your business? Selecting the right entity is important from both a legal and financial perspective. Click to read more.


Many businesses require a license from the State of Maryland to practice legally. It is critically important for you to determine if your particular business activities require one before you are found to be in violation. Click to read more.



Obtaining the capital to start and maintain a business is important. Find out if any of these Financing Programs are available to you. Click to read more.

The SBA provides a number of financial assistance programs for small businesses, including 7(a), 504 and disaster assistance loans. Within this section, we’ll review eligibility requirements, SBA Loan Programs, surety bonds, the role of SBA, equity capital topics, special purpose loans, SBA partner topics and 7(a) lender programs. Though the SBA does not provide grants to help you start a business, included is information on organizations and sites that can assist you in locating special purpose grants. Click to read more.


Packaging your loan application correctly is an important step in getting the financing you need for your business. Critical questions will be asked, credit history will be checked, and feasibiltiy assessed. It is important to learn as much as possible about the Loan Application Process before going to a bank. Click to read more.


Certifications help to level the playing field for small, minority, disadvantaged, and women owned businesses, and allows business owners to appreciate special benefits and access to a wide array of resources. The SBTDC can assist in preparing your business to meet with these agencies. Click to read more.


The Maryland Small Business & Technology Development Center (SBTDC) Central Region encourages local businesses to partake in procurement opportunities. Browse through a listing of agencies that offer these special opportunities. Click to read more.


Exporting can lead to significant revenue growth for small businesses. According to SBA, 97% of exporters are small business owners and 96% of potential customers are outside of the United States. Click to read more.


The Maryland Small Business & Technology Development Center (SBTDC) Central Region training workshops currently offered to aspiring and seasoned entrepeneurs are tailored to address where you are in your business lifecycle. Click to read more.


The Maryland Small Business & Technology Development Center (SBTDC) Network maintains a shared library of Small Business Resources. Find out where this valuable information can be obtained. Click to read more.


There are a number of businesses, state and federal organizations that offer valuable resources that would be beneficial to your business. Click to read more.