Marisela Villamil

Hispanic Business Center - Project Manager


Villamil has served as the Marketing and Training Coordinator and Business Counselor the Maryland Small Business Development Center’s corridor Region, University Maryland. Villamil has been a Business Counselor focusing on the Hispanic Business Community for the total of 7 years. During this time achieved high results in clients opening business, number of loans, business increasing number of employees, total hours counseling and translating all documents from English to Spanish for Latino clients. Currently is project manager of MD SBTDC Hispanic Business Center. 

Villamil selected to receive the “2009 Minority Small Business Champion of the Year Award” from the Small Business Administration.

Villamil received a national award in 2008 from the Small Business Administration for translating Form 641 from English to Spanish for use across the United States.

Villamil was recognized as the Regional Star for the corridor Region in 2008 based on her outstanding small business assistance performance and State Star in MD SBDC network in 2009.

In the past 7 years at the corridor Region SBDC Villamil has created excellent network relations with government and particularly with other Latino organizations in business, educative and community areas. Villamil has created strategic alliances to reach clients and advertise SBDC in Latino community using: TV, radio, newsletters, magazines and online websites that contribute to have extensive number of clients.

Villamil is participating in several activities, conferences, videos and meetings representing SBTDC corridor Region in an initiative from USA State Department to implement same model in Hispanic countries and create the global America SBDC for international trade. Collaborating in special with Salvador, Colombia and Peru.

Villamil has a certificate in Mediation from Montgomery College which assists her in serving the Latino community to solve conflicts and other issues between business partners.

Prior to joining the SBDC in 2006, Mrs.Villamil’s professional experience includes more that 27 years of business consulting and teaching at the University level in Cuba, Mexico, Peru and Paraguay.

Mrs. Villamil’s education includes a Bachelor of Science and a Master’s of Science in Finance from the University of Havana, in Cuba. She also has her Master’s in Administration of Research and Economic in Mexico and a Master’s of Pedagogy- Education from Pacific University in Paraguay.

Mrs. Villamil has written two books, developed educational materials and curriculum for projects with the Inter-American Development Bank and the European Union.

Mrs. Villamil was also the Manager of the Chaska South America, a company located in Peru, which focuses on exporting fine handcrafted products to European countries.

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