Small Businesses Are Vital
Small businesses create most of the nation’s new jobs and employ about half of the nation’s private sector work force. Small firms also make important contributions to the economy through innovations and the creation of enterprises and new industries that help keep the economy competitive and vibrant.

Growing the Economy
Since 1988, small business entrepreneurs and executives have been coming to the MDSBTDC for solutions to guide their companies from early stage through their many growth phases. The MDSBTDCs have proven to be a cost-effective way to create jobs, contribute to the growth of local, state and national economies, enhance American competitiveness and fulfill the American dream.

1. Statewide Performance Data (links to brochure/pdf)
Detail summary on how the MDSBTDC Network performed last year.

2. MDSBTDC Annual Report (links to pdf)
Full report on how the Maryland Network performed last year.

3. ASBDC Economic Impact Report (links to pdf)
Summary report from the Association of Small Business Development Centers on how the National SBDC Network performed last year.

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