Being a successful retailer or restaurateur is always challenging, but in difficult and turbulent economic conditions, it is downright daunting. At the SBDC, we’ve experienced the face-to-face activity of selling to a customer in a bricks and mortar facility and can suggest concrete tactics that can contribute to the profitability and sustainability of your business enterprise.

We can also address issues of E-commerce and technology and how doing business with the cyber-customer can have dramatic implications for the traditional bricks and mortar businesses; indeed, when does “clicks and mortar” become the proper strategic alternative? The dimensions of doing business are expanding rapidly to boundaries only defined by the speed of a click!

The SBDC will help you examine tested methods of generating sales and providing service and work with you to explore the techniques and considerations for competing in the changing world. Whether you’re big or small, you need a reason for being, and a plan for lasting. Contact the SBDC nearest you for an appointment with our retail specialist. If you’re currently in the retail or restaurant business, be sure to take our Small Restaurant/Food Checkup or our Business Retail Checkup. This short quiz will help you determine if you’re running a healthy business or if it could use a shot in the arm!

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