The western region overs Allegany, Washington, Frederick, and Garrett County in Mountain Maryland.

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Client Highlight

Blue Goose Farm Market & Bakery


Penny and Randy Pittman are well-established business owners in Washington County, MD. They currently own and operate a liquor store and a restaurant/ bakery in Hancock, MD.   An opportunity came about for them to purchase the existing business, Hepburn Orchards, a successful but underperforming farm market, so they did. They wanted to rebuild the existing structure, so they hired an architect to design the perfect farm market building. They had been using their own funds along the way, but knew they would eventually need a loan. They approached their bank, Centra, in Hagerstown, MD. Centra Bank suggested they look into a SBA 504 loan, which they did. Click here to read the rest of the story.


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