The western region overs Allegany, Washington, Frederick, and Garrett County in Mountain Maryland.

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McClintock Distillery


McClintock Distillery is scheduled to open Spring 2016 with the cooperative efforts of the city of Frederick and the Frederick SBDC. The new owners want to continue the legacy of McClintock Young by restoring a 5,000 square foot downtown location to produce craft gin, vodka, and rum, followed by whiskey in the next two years.

The SBDC assisted with funding and educating the owners on how to run a business. They plan to source local ingredients in Maryland and will contribute to a vibrant downtown. They attribute their early success to Brandon and the training offered by the SBDC. They are starting with 5 employees and plan to grow from there. They participated in SBDC day on Capitol Hill and showcased their distillery to members of Congress to attest to the assistance that the SBDC gave them.



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